M. U. S. i. C. would like to thank our generous sponsors, who have graciously contributed to help fund our programs and events. To become a sponsor and help M. U. S. i. C. continue its work, please contact us, and take a look at our advertising rates and musician sponsorship opportunities. We appreciate your assistance!

Sponsors for the 2016 programs include:

The Cleveland Foundation, Frank H. & Nancy Lyon Porter Fund
Cuyahoga Arts & Culture
Frohring Foundation
GE Foundation
The Giger Foundation
Horizons Donor-advised Fund of the Jewish Federation

Pauline Bushman
Mary and Dr. Clive Hamlin
Lenore and James Schilling
Steve Szilagyi and Jodi Kanter

Clurie Bennis
Leslie and Frank Buck
Mary Durkee
Arthur Rotatori and Tara Fields
Ingrid and Cyril Fowble III
Julie and William Frazier
Dr. Edward Godleski
Dr. Andrew Goldberg
Anna Greenfield
Linda Harper
Dr. Albert Kanter
Nancy Minar
John Nosek
Susan Namen and Sanford Wile
Astri Seidenfeld
Kim Sherwin
Jody and Herbert Wainer
Donald Zaas

Glenn Brown and Jeannette-Grasselli Brown
Faye D’Amore
Joan and William Houghton

Michael Bailis
Ruth Baker and Jordan Wexler
Matthias Buck
Max Bunker and Anthony Bianchi
Robert Conrad
Pailet Cousins Account
Phyllis Donnelly-Ingold and John Ingold
Lois Gaynor
Barbara Hawkins
Fred Lautzenheiser
Antoinette Miller
Ninna & Dr. Gosta Pettersson
Elisabeth Plax
Aliki and Peter Rzepka
Shirley Simmons
Florine Talisman
Jean and Jim Triner
Harriet Udelson
Dr. Loren Vesselle

Up to $99
Chauncey Aceret
Kevaly Bozes
Sam Burke
Fetnat Fouad-Tarazi
Elaine Hadden
Emil Khudyev
Emily and Paul Klerreich
Madelyn Koltcz
Kathryn Mehrtens
Clare and Gary Miller
Sharon Milligan
Barbara and Joseph Nahra
Andrew November
Robert Villarreal
Janice and Robert White