Test Performer

To float an image using pure HTML simply add the “align” attribute to your image tag. To float an image to the left of your paragraphs just add align=”left” to the image tag before you close it. The image floating to the left of these paragraphs uses this method.

Obviously it’s not perfect at first glance. Without margins the text looks cramped next to the picture and (if you’re using certain browsers) it may look pretty awful. You can prettify this a bit by adding a margin but that would require some CSS work. Why not just do it all at once with CSS?

Miyagi/Molnar: Haru no Umi
Jeiran Hasan, flute & Joseph Rebman, harp

Paul Schoenfield: Cafe Music
Iryna Krechkovsky, violin; Matthew Allen, cello; Kevin Kwan Loucks, piano