M.U.S.i.C. (Musical Upcoming Stars in the Classics) is a non-profit organization committed to providing intimate performance opportunities for emerging, world class musicians in Northeast Ohio and beyond. Founded in 2007, M.U.S.i.C has hosted over 30 events and now runs about eight chamber music concert experiences per year. M.U.S.i.C. finds venues, arranges concerts, provides programs, publicity, and refreshments, and pays performers. Through its activities, M.U.S.i.C. provides enjoyment for audiences, helps launch new musical careers, introduces novel performance venues, and expands the audience for chamber music. M.U.S.i.C. aims to enhance Northeast Ohio’s reputation as an international capital of musical excellence.

M.U.S.i.C. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. All donations are tax deductible, and your support is appreciated! To help support M.U.S.i.C, click here!

M.U.S.i.C is run by a group of dedicated individuals committed to furthering the arts in Northeast Ohio, including:



Michael Bailis, President
Frank Buck, Secretary
Carol Arnold Porter
Faye D’Amore
Julie Fraiser
Tuba Gokoglu
Allen Hart
Joan Houghton
Mia Kim
Robert Knopf, Sr.
Robert Villarreal

Advisory Board Members:
Michelle Abraham
Fedor Amosov
Stanislav Golovin
Philip Highfill
Alexander Kostritsa
Filip Lazovski
Jung Eun Oh
John Simmons
Peter Takács